The Rockies may crumble; Gibraltar may tumble, but one Beverly Hills hotel will not succumb to the water shortage. That is, not if a planned windmill works.

Conforming to water-saving laws passed because of the California drought, the Beverly Wilshire staff no longer waters sidewalks or drenches plants. Less ice is served in drinks at the hotel's four bars. And no water is served - except on request - at tables.

But according to the hotel president, George White, there is plenty of water under the tables. Four levels under to be precise. White has asked engineers to construct a windmill above the elegant cobblestone court that separates the old hotel building from the new one.

The windmill, he thinks, will be a perfect way to keep his hotel abloom and afloat during the drought. Although it will not provide drinking water, the windmill will provide power to bring enough subsurface water topside to wash down sidewalks and water Beverly Wilshire plants.

"We have four parking levels under the hotel, and the fourth is usually under water. The water comes down from the hills and runs in little streams underneath the entire Beverly Hills area. Right now, we pump the water into storm drains every day. Why not use it to some advantages?" said White.