If you ask Kettler executive Charles V. Phillips Jr. about his background in his native Baltimore, be usually says something like this: "We are not born in the slums but moved in as soon as my father could afford it."

That's typical of the smiling fellow who now is senior vice president and general manager of the residential division of Kettler Brothers, Inc., one of the largest and oldest home building firms in this area. And Phillips also is currently serving as president of the Suburban Maryland Home Builders Association.

The son of a saloon-keeper and a chap who learned as a young man how to roll a barrell full of beer, Phillips was graduated from University of Maryland after serving in the Navy two years during WWII. In 1948, he joined Shell Oil in marketing, sales and real estate. In 1956, he joined the Kettler firm as subdivision sales manager at Falls Hill, where he and his family still reside in N. Virginia. In the interim he has moved up the line in the Kettler hierarchy without losing his ability to kid himself.

This year his department expects to deliver nearly 600 houses for a total volume of nearly $30 million. In addition to its residential development in Montgomery Village (a small new city developed by the firm), the Kettler group also is currently building in Northern Virginia, in the District and at North Old Farm in Montgomery County.

Phillips and his wife are parents of two grown children. Their daughter is married and the mother of their two grandchildren. Their son, a namesake of his father, has recently gone into the painting business after graduating from Duke.

In terms of his recreational activity, Phillips would tell you that he is one of those fellows who plays golf but is not readily classified as a golfer.