Arlington County is scheduled to receive $175,000 to promote housing for low-income families outside low-income neighborhoods, the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced. It is one of seven localities chosen to receive a total of $1.2 million in "bonus" community development funds for such housing.

The objective of the program is to provide a broader geographical choice of housing for the disadvantaged outside the areas many of them now inhabit. The largest award went to Seattle/King County, Wash., which received $350,000. The other recipients were in California, Ohio, Minnesota and Iowa.

At the same time HUD announced that it had desapproved a block grant of $321,000 for Staunton, Va., because its program showed no housing assistance goals for family housing, and it had inadequate goals for housing for the elderly and handicapped. In related news, an interagency project on human displacement, under the direction of HUD urban policy advisor Lynn Curtis, announced it would reexamine benefits available for low-income residents forced to move because of neighborhood uprading. Housing & Development Reporter noted.

The project will seek to extend benefits to persons displaced by developers who receive either federal financing or tax incentives.