Among the new products currently on the market is a type of window grille called Wind-O-Guard. Made of wrought iron, it has double wells and double vertical channels to provide the strength needed to discourage illegal entry.

It is ideal for first floor windows and is effective with windows open or closed. Designed for easy installation, these protective grilles blend with all architectural styles. They can be installed on most double-hung, jalousie, or sliding windorws without interfering with their operation. They are easily unlocked for window washing. Wind-O-Guard is made by the Leslie-Locke Corp., 2871 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio 44313. Self-Contained Alarm

A new self-contained alarm, which can be quickly installed in any house or apartment, users radar to detect the presence of a burglar or other intruder. Called the Hard-Site, and manufactured by Casady Engineering Associates, 50 Alaska Ave., Torrance, Calif. 90503, it is a compact device that weighs only four pounds and measures about 8 to 5 inches.

When plugged into household current it sends out a radar beam for distances of up to 40 feet, which means it will protect an area of approximately 800 square feet. Thus, one unit, properly installed in a strategic location on the lower floor of the house, is adequate in most homes.

When an intruder enters the zone covered by the radar beam a very loud alarm bell sounds. In addition, there is an extra outlet on the side of the unit similar devices can be plugged.

The range of the beam can be adjusted in all directions (from 4 to 40 feet), depending on the area to be covered, and its sensitivity can be set so it will not be activated by animals. A rechargeable battery pack is included, as well as a remote emergency switch that can be manually operated from a bedroom or other location. Its beam will penetrate walls to cover more than one room, and there is a built-in time delay to give the owner time when leaving or entering the room. The Gard-Site sells for about $280 through department stores and mail order houses. Versatile Vice

Do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists and home craftsmen will find the D-Vise from Dremel Manufacturing Co., 4915 21 St., Racine, Wis. 53406, a useful and versatile too. Designed to be tilted sideways up to 180 degrees, or swiveled a full 360 degrees, this ball-swivel wise is made of metal. If can be used as a portable vise, or it can be bolted to the edge of a workbench or table. Jaws open to a maximum of 2 1/2 inches and they come from removable protective pads for holding delicate parts. Prices at about $21, the D-Vise has a unique spring-loaded bar handle that stays put in any position.