Two veterans of real estate selling will honored Friday evening ht the Washingotn Board of Realtors at an award dinner at the Sheraton Park.

Sol H. Wolberg, 87, who is still active is commercial selling downtown, will be honored as Realtor of the Year, the board's highest honor. He had been with Shannon & Lunchs for 39 years. "I think of myself as a plughorse," Wolberg said. "I just keep on working."

Lucile N. Fisher, a residential sales agent for W.C. & A.N. Miller since 1952, will be honored as Realtor Associate of the Year by the Washington group as they make the first award to an associate member. The selection committee describes her a "the epitome of the dedicated, well-organized real estate salespread who is a solid citizen."

Constance Lieder, a Baltimore-based planning and housing consultant and a professor of planning at Mogan State University, had been elected president of the American Institute of Planners. The first woman to hold the position. Lieder was inducted recently at the AIP convention in JKansas City, Mo. The 11,000-member organization is based here.

Blair Lee 111, acting Governor of Maryland, will address the Surburban Maryland Home Builders Association Oct. 27 at the Sheraton lanham Inn. The group also will elect officers. Martin H. Poretsky is the nominee for president to succeed Charles V. Philips Jr.

Dr. Joseph M. Hendrie, chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, will be the luncheon speaker Thursday when the Maryland and Energy Conference is held at the Gaithsburg Holiday Inn.

ANN W. High, an award-winning sales agent with Carriage House Associates, Inc., in Northern Virginia, recently told a meeting of the Fairfax County chapter of the Organization of Rehabilitation and Training thst women make about 70 per cent of the residential sales in this area.