There are many ways to effectively market a home. Real estate marketing means not only the nature and form of advertising you employ but also your overall selling posture. One aspect of any marketing program concerns the question of how best to show your home. Will you have an "Open house," show it "by appointment only," or use both tactics?

An open house means that during a specified period, typically a Sunday afternoon, your home will be opern to the public. Open houses can be promoted by classified ads, which reach a general audience, and by signs that attract people cruising in your neighborhood.

Open houses tend to produce a steady flow of traffic because there are no barriers in the process. How ever, some of the people who show up at an open house will be financially unqualified to buy whild others will be finanically unqualified to buy while others will appear only to examine your decorating or enliven a dull afternoon.

A home shown by appointment only means that a prospective buyer must first call and receive permission to look at your property. This gives you a chance to ask, in gerneral terms, about the buyer's needs. While homes shown by appointment result in less traffic, traffic may not be your goal if you have an expensive property or one filled with antiques. Classifieds should be used to promote your home in this case. Signs will inbariably bring unwanter guests to the door.

No matter which system you use your home should be carefully prepared. Typical suggestions would include:

Make absolutely certain that your home is in show condition. All repairs should be complete and everything should be immaculate.

Put away valuables.

Clean the street in front of your house.

Send dogs and children away.

Place ash trys around the house.

Keep several pads handy to get the names and addresses of all visitors.

If an item is not for sale, such as a clothes washer, put a sign on the object which clearly states, "not for sale."