DEAR BOB: Recently you answered a question about mortgage loan fees. You said loan fees on home mortgages were tax deductible as prepaid interest. I phoned the local IRS office and they are not aware of this. Please clarify. Ronald M., Arlington.

DEAR RONALD: The 1976 Tax Reform Law wiped out tax deductions for prepaid interest. This includes mortgage loan fees charged by lenders for granting a mortgage. They are no longer immediately tax deductible as interest in the year paid. Now such fees must be amortized over the life of the mortgage. For example, a $1,000 loan fee paid to get a 30-year mortgage gives only $33.33 annual deduction for 30 years.

However, there is an exception for loan fees paid to get a mortgage on your personal residence. Such fees are fully tax deductible as interest in the year paid. But if you prepay the interest on your home mortgage (other than a loan fee), it is not tax deductible until the year it is earned by the lender.

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