After 16 years on the Reston executive scene, Glenn L. Saunders will be leaving after the first of the year. It's time for a change but exactly what is undetermined at this time," he said this week after word of his planned departure was heard from a Reston resident. Saunders, who joined Robert E. Simon in the planning, engineering and construction of the new town in 1961, had served under half a dozen Reston presidents. Recently, he had been exec veep of GOREDCO, which is the parent Gulf Oil company for real estate development. But new project activity slowed and he got itchy. For some years Saunders, now 50, and his family have had a home on Reston's Lake Anne, where they plan to stay. "I'm really proud of Reston and what we've done despite all the outside constrictions of governments and their agencies," said the former city manager of the City of Fairfax. "But I predict that Reston will be remembered in years to come as the most succesful of the new towns. If only we had gotten that access on the Dulles road for residents to go to and from Washington. It would have made such a difference."

Transfer records show that Sidney Zlotnick and Renee Z. Kraft have acquired the low-story commercial building that W. & J. Sloane, Inc., the furniture interior firm, occupies at 1130 Connecticut Ave. NW. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rogers 111 and others received $1.65 million.

Before the end of this month a 160-room Ramada Inn is expected to be started in a section of Calverton at the intersection of the Beltway and 1.95 in Maryland. The developing group is a limited partnership of members of the family of builder-developer Albert W. Turner. The same group developed the Sheraton-Lanham Hotel farther east on the Beltway at Route 450. Turner, now 60, heads MCD Enterprises, which is building more new homes in Kettering and at other sites in Prince George's County. On a long-range basis, there are plans by MCD to develop some 300 luxury town houses and condominium apartments (in a high-rise structure) on the 90-acre Arbor Farm that Turner and his family have occupied for 20 years. The location is at Enterprise Road and Route 50. You'll probably seen Turner cattle grazing there as you drove to and from Annapoplis.

An old office building at 1407-09 L St. NW was sold recently for $800,000 by the Railway Refrigeration Realty Co. to Vermont Building Associates Limited Partnership. It's likely that this site at the northeast corner of Vermont and L will be razed for the construction of a new office building as activity mounts in the area east of 15th Street.

Are you disturbed when you read about problems that homeowners have with contractors doing home improvement work? So is Moses Voloshen, a home improvement contractor who heads the area-wide National Home Improvement Council. "People have to learn how to find a licensed, reliable contractor," he said this week. "You can get recommendations or criticisms from neighbors who have had work done. And you also can call our NHIC office and get the names of several licensed contractors who will furnish free estimates on a new roof, siding or whatever you want done. The number is 585-7740 and the office is at 231 Van Buren St. NW., D.C. 20012." He added that NHIC will have booth at the Leisure Living Show scheduled to open Nov. 13 at the Armory.

Texaco, Inc., has sold a gasoline station at 1200-04 New Hampshire Ave. NW for $250,000 to Oliver T. Carr Jr. and George H. Beuchert Jr., trustees, for an unnamed ownership group. The site is adjacent to the Goodwill Industries' property recently acquired by Carr. A major office building is likely on this site within the next few years.

Over in the Dominion Valley area near Clifton, Va., builder M. W. Fisher has nearly completed two $115,000 houses that he insists are really different, with Bavarian styling and a combination of stained exterior siding and stucco. "It isn't that we haven't had lookers. They come and fall in love with the houses but wind up saying they'll wait to see how the houses look when the interiors are completed." Of course, that's the hang-up, Fisher added, because he wants to custom-finish the interior for the purchasers. An impasse, eh?

Among sales that went to record recently, Papermill Associates Limited Partnership paid over $2.4 million for a 91,000-square-foot site at 3255 K St. NW. The seller was D of C Paper Mills. The new owners have plans to redevelop the site and create some 300 new condominium dwellings in the high-price, small space pattern that has become de rigeur for intown construction.