Eighty-three percent of its customers decrease their water usage 10 percent or more in their [WORD ILLEGIBLE] billing periods since [WORD ILLEGIBLE] mandatory water conservation ordinance [WORD ILLEGIBLE] into effect July 1, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Angeles Department of Water and Power announced today.

James M. Derry, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] conservation coordinator, said 85 percent of the residential customers and 70 percent of the commerical and industrial customers reached their goals.

The DWP sends out bills daily, he said. Large commerical and industrial customers are billed each month. Residential customers are billed every two months.

"Nov. 1 marked the end of the first round of mailings for bilings under the mandatory cutback," Derry said. "Customers who did not meet the required cutback in their usage were notified of their overuse and of their opportunity to avoid penalities by cutting back an additional amount in the next billing period."

Approximately 38,000 appeals for increased allotments have been received from residential customers, and 4,000 appeals have been made by commercial and industrial customers, Derry said.

DWP customers have reduced their water usage about 20 percent in [LINE ILLEGIBLE] consumption last year between [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] consumption last year between he said. [WORD ILLEGIBLE] pleased with the overall conservation achieved by but customers," he said. "However, we are concern [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] have not [WORDS ILLEGIBLE] reduce their water usage."

Customers may obtain advice on meeting their conservation goal by calling the DWP Hotline at 481-5800 from the Metropolitan area or 984-3303 from the San Fernando Valley, he said.