Kenneth S. Woodring Jr. is the father of six children (ages 4 to 21) and he has disciplined his eating habits enough to drop 25 pounds (down to 155) in the past six months. He is also a real estate broker who plans to hire his father, now the minister of Calvary Memorial Church in Hyattsville, when the senior Woodring retires in a year or two.

The junior Woodring, 38, is also the recently installed president of the Prince George's County Board of Realtors - and principal broker and owner of Prince George's Properties, Inc., the largest firm in the county. It has a total of 14 offices (eight in P.G.) and 275 sales agents.

This weekend Woodring has departed for Miami Beach to attend the annual convention of the National Association of Realtors - along with an expected 15,000 other brokers and associates.

What topics at the convention will interest Woodring?

"I will try particularly to learn more about what I understand is an increasing likelihood that the Securities and Exchange Commission will adopt regulations requiring that real estate salesmen who sell residential or commercial properties to persons who use them as investments be licensed as securities salesmen," said Woodring. "As it is now, persons selling houses do that with little recognition of whether a purchaser is to be an owner-occupant or investor, whereas commercial selling basically involves investors."

Woodring added that as president of a group of 2,300 realtors and associates he will be concerned with education and professionalism. He said they "tend to go hand in hand. Seminars, conferences and meetings are a vital part of the business and the continuing education of every person in it."

In terms of specific projects, Woodring is strong on neighborhood revitalization.

"Our board has allocated $15,000 to fund the exterior improvement of three houses in different parts of the county," he said. "With the permission of the owners, we want to demonstrate what can be done to upgrade some houses in older neighborhoods in the hope that it will catch on. Our program includes a means of using voulunteer workers from the vocational programs in our schools to provide on-the-job-type training in painting, landscaping and minor exterior improvements."

A native of Hyattsville, Woodring managed an Acme supermarket before getting into real estate sales in 1963. Earlier he had Navy service. Before becoming a really broker, he was named one of the county's top 10 sales agents for two consecutive years. He took over the operation of Prince George's Properties after the death of founder William Benjamin in 1971.