We live in our bodies, but we also live in a world of ideas.

It is in the world of ideas we experience our greatest pleasure, and we also suffer our most agonizing pains.

If you allow yourself to become preoccupied with small ideas, narrow concepts and petty thinking, your life is diminished and walled into smallness. The other side of this also true.

If you struggle with great ideas and insist on thinking at a high level, you enter into much bigger world in which to live. ASK YOURSELF

ASK yourself that pointed question. "What is your big idea?" To begin with, when you take long enough to give an-honest answer, you are looking at the foundation of your life.

A very shrewd little old lady, discussing her problems one day with Bishop Gerald Kennedy, said: "What makes life so weary is that it is so daily."

Hordes of people are the daily victims of routine, deadly monotony, and so many inevitables that they have very few hours in a day where they can make a free choice.

One businessman said. "The girls that work for me live all their lives for the sake of three hours between 8 p.m. and 11p.m. The rest of the time, they are on treadmill." PETTINESS

A pharmacist friend asked me to look at a girl stading at a counter in his store. She had spent almost 40 minutes packing out some nail polish. The druggist had heard me talk about the necessity of living life with big ideas, and he observed that he had become very aware of people who are worrying their heads with trivia, such as 10 fingernails of slightlydifferent colors.

The inconsequential keeps many of us in such a hurry that we suffer exhaustion trying to outrun the petty. We have almost lost the ability to distinguish between the infinite and the infinitesimal. Billions of dollars are spent to improve highways. This has a sole purpose to shorten the driving time so that we might be able to hurry and save minutes , but who gives thought to the use of the time saved? IDEA A DAY

Life could be opened for millions of persons going from tedium to boredom and back if we could be persuaded in some way to wrestle with one big idea each day. It would not be necessary to explore such an idea fully, but if a a great idea could be shown genuine hospitality within our minds for a single span of 30 minutes, it would have effect of transforming the entire day, and could very well transform our lives.

I often heard my grandmother say that an apple a day would keep the doctor away, and so I ate a lot of apple. So now her grandson is saying that one great idea per day can keep life's boredom away. 50 years ago

From the files of the Highland Park News-Herald of Nov. 11, 1927: Madame Rene Basil Clarke, internationally known speaker on women and their work, appeared at the Ebell Club Tuesday morning. "Woman Triumphant" was the subject of her address in which her vivid personality and power of oratorywere most impressive. After telling several gave a list of notable women headed by Susan B. Anthony, the pioneer in advocating women's rights.

The motor show, fashion revue, personality pageant and contest to be presented on the stage of the Highland Theater Wednesday night has enlisted the interest of many business houses of the HighlandPark district and more than a dozen entires have been made for the Cecil B. DeMille trophy. 25 years ago

From the files of the Highland Park News-Herald of Nov. 10, 1952: "Considerable nonsense has been heard to the effect that smog is here to stay, probably doesn't do much harm to humans and we just ought to get used it," said Dr. Wilbur Bailey, president of the Los Angeles Medical Association, in an editorial in the organizations bulletin. He said much of the city "aerial smoke and filth" is unnecessary and can be cured.

Marking the climax of year-long activities, the Optimist International is again celebrating Optimist Week at draw attention to the real intrinsic value of optimism as an everyday philsophy of living. Highland Park's Optimist Club started the week yesterday by attending the Annadale Methodist CHurch. 10 years ago

From the files of Highland Park News-Herald and Journal of Nov. 12, 1967: Monterey Ambulance Service of San Gabriel is the only bidder for emergency ambulance back-up service in Northeast Los Angeles, it was revealed Thursday when bids were opened.

Edward Lopez, manager of Bob's Barber Shop in Highland Park, this week was named as the third entrant in the Highland Park Honorary Mayor Contest by Frank Kretzschmar, vice president of the York Valley Chamber of Commerce which is sponsoring the event.

Saint Andews High School senior Theresa Almeida and Franklin High School graduate Mary Gomez were named this week as the latest official contestants in the 1967 Miss Highland Park Pageant by Jacqueline Ryan, director.