Science education in public schools is going to get tougher according to a consultant to the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Public Schools.

Dr. Norma Wilbur, chairman of the commitee which drafted a new set of guidelines for public school science education courses, said sitting through classes and graduating at the end of the year isn't enough.

Accordingly, "Science Framework for California Public Schools" sets forth four goals of science education and has been approved by the State Board of Ecucation

The first goal, according to the "Framework," is to "develop values, aspirations, and attitudes which promote the personal involvement of the individual with the environment and society."

The devlopment of "fundamental skills in the manipulation of materials and equipment,"caring for animals ("Living organism") and gathering and organizing scientific information constitute the second goal of the guideline.

The third goal is the development of rational and creative thinking processes.

The final goal is "to develop knowledge of processes, facts, principles, generalizations, and applications - the products of science - and encourage their use in the interpretation of our natural environment."

Each of the goals is broken down into specific objectives in the guideline. Information on instruction and evaluation make up other portions of the guideline.