Assemblyman Mike Antonovich, R-Glendale, has cited the recent attempt by the Ku Klux Klan to patrol the Mexican border to "control the flow" fo illegal aliens, as evidence to the need for major changes in the nation's border policy.

"That any such organization would attempt to supplement federal law enforcement points out that our 1,993 mile border with Mexico is literally a sieve," said Antonovich.


Antonovich is the author of an Assembly Joint Resolution passed during the 1977 legislative session that urged the President and congress to increase the number of border patrol officers employed by the federalImmigration and Naturalization Service.

The Resolution, however, without the force of law, went mostly unnoticed in Washington as the Carter admonistration dealt leniently with the illegal alien issue.

Antonovich said the Klan's presence was not the answer to the increasing flow of illegal aliens, charging that the group "only heightened tensions and clouded the immigration issue."

"But," he said, "the entrance of illegal aliens has caused significant cost increasesa for local governments in California."

He said Californians should put more direct public pressure on Washington to recognize the needs expressed in the Resolution passed this year by writing to federal representatives and officials.