Recent condominium dwelling sales in Montgomery County included the following, selected at random to indicate prices in various projects. Damascus

Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Coradi sold a unit in the Country Road Townhouse project, 25722 Valley Park Ter., for $44,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Schumachar. Gaithersburg Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Hill sold a dwelling in Newport Estates, 36 Standard Ct., for $41,950 to Claude E. Eaton and others.

Two Seventy Limited Partnership sold a unit in Cedar Village, 513 Summit Hall Rd., for $51,190 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Niehaus.

R. W. Eicher sold a dwelling in Hamlet North, 17729 Topfield Dr., for $38,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Weschler.

Seventy-S Associates sold a dwelling in Brighton West, 710 West Side Dr., for $39,990 to Michael M. Cielensky. Kensington

J. M. Moore, trustee, sold a unit in the Waterford building, 3333 W. University Blvd., for $42,550 toDorothy N. Kelly and others. Wheaton

Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Hernandez sold a dwelling in Glen Waye Gardens, 2210 Greenery La., for $38,500 to Iva E. Hefner.

Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Henderson sold a dwelling in Kimberly Place, 2402 Sun Valley Cir., for $45,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Schnaar. Silver Spring

Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Laynor Sr. sold a dwelling in Rossmoor, 3110 Adderly Ct., for $48,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Clifford G. Revoir.

F. H. Greenberg sold a dwelling in Americana Finnmark, 2105 Walshview Ter., for $29,900 to Sharon L. Peters. Rockville

Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Vane sold a unit in Regents Square, 838 Azalea Dr., for $44,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Burrack.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Calleja sold a dwelling in Plymouth Gardens, 886 College Pkwy., for $30,900 to S. Kumar.

G. D. Schuster sold a dwelling in the Grosvenor Park Complex, 10201 Grosenor Pl., for $40,000 to Patricia A. Green.

L. G Campbell sold a dwelling in Americana Centre, 4 Monroe St., for $28,500 to Robert E. Wright.