Recent real estate transfers in the District of Columbia included the following, selected at randon to indicate values in various neighborhoods. Northwest

M. J. Coffey sold a home at 7456 Blair Rd. for $70,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Raynah H. Adams III.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Carey sold a dwelling at 905 Decature St. for $41,000 to Lester C. Carmon.

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Johnson sold a property at 1223 Euclid St. for $40,000 to David J. Fitch.

R. J. Long Jr. sold a residence at 4419 Greenwich Pkwy, for $105,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Glen.

C. Irby sold a home at 625 Harvard St. for $30,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Tate.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Parker sold a property at 832 Madison St. for $25,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Irving L. Torchinsky.

Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Borger sold a residence at 3915 McKinley St. for $118,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Bert N. Gisgyer. Southeast

Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Ollman sold a home at 513 A St. for $133,500 to John D. Ferguson and Rebecca F. Lambert.

Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Coble sold a home at 1306 C St. for $33,000 to Raymond F. Bye Jr. and Howard G. Ulep.

R. E. Thornton sold a property at 324 D St. for $56,500 to Vernon C. Chappelear.

E. M. Griffith sold a home at 3513 Highwood Dr. for $55,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Mack Mck. Johnson.

J. T. McCary Sr. sold a home at 3105 Nash Pl. for $60,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. DuPree.

Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Shurr sold a home at 121 7th St. for $110,000 to Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tigart Vl.

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Pilspil sold a property at 2612 32nd St. for $40,800 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Schoanbarger. Southwest

Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Johnson sold a home at 181 Elimra St. for $39,950 to Ada R. Allen. Northeast

Mr. and Mrs. G. Kadar Jr. sold a dwelling at 309 A St. for $118,000 to L. Nye Stevens II.

Mr. and Mrs. G. Savoy sold a home at 333 Bryant St. for $44,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Jenson G. Chacamp.

M. C. Baker sold a home at 3936 Clay Pl. for $33,500 to Jo Ann L. Webster.

F. S. Walters sold a home at 1900 COnstitution Ave. for $33,000 to Paul R. Woods.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Taylor sold a home at 632 G St. for $57,250 to David A. Schunenke and Flora I, Sullivan.

S. M. DeHaven sold a property at 1508 Kearney St. for $47,000 to Gaylord Hogue.

F. P. Yon sold a home at 226 Onaida St. for $55,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Carson.

Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Prosnahan sold a home at 149 11th St. for $88,000 to James M. Kraft.

E. M. Adams sold a home at 3628, 18th St. for $35,000 to Vermi B. Mickens.