The mood at the annual Christmas party of area home builders was so bubbly that anyone could recognize that a good year had been had by all. One of them concerned the late Edward Ravenel Carr. He attended his last builder Christmas party a few years ago, accompanied by a nurse because his health had failed somewhat. Nonetheless, he was in top humor - as usual. One of his friends recalled choosing to go out on the town after the afternoon party with Mr. Carr and his group, assuming that anyone accompanied by a nurse would call it quits at a reasonable hour. "Not so," laughed Henry Bouscaren. "It turned out to be one of my later nights and the only time with a friend who had his nurse as a chaperon."

Rezoning has been granted for residential development on two sizable tracts west of Dulles Airport in the Broad Run Creek area of Loudoun County. Ashburn Associates owns one tract of 196 acres, where it plans to build 500 houses, and Gateway to the World Associates has 202 houses planeed for its 101 acres. However, no starts are likely until late in 1978 or early 1979.

Out in the Friendship Heights area, which has attracted Christmas shoppers from Baltimore and beyond, there is talk that come next spring a P.J. Clarke bar-restaurant will replace the garden store facility in the Woodward and Lothrop store.

Don't be surprised if the area subsidiary of U.S. Home (now the nation's largest home buildng firm) undertakes to develop the former Heritage Harbor site near Annapolis a* s an adult community of fairly small, moderately priced houses.