Two buildings currently being completed on the Germantown campus of Montgomery College will be partially heated by solar energy, the college announced recently.

One of those buildings, used for science and technology classes, will benefit from a recent $22,379 grant from the Energy Research and Development Administration. The total cost of the system, which combines solar heating with an electrical heat pump system, will be $135,000, according to Schuyler Conklin, co-ordinator for construction and maintenance at the college.

He said that the combination system is expected to save 60 per cent of the normal energy needs for space heating and 88 per cent for domestic hot water needs.

An identical percentage is expected to be saved in the Humanities-Social Science Building. In both cases, according to Conklin, the systems should pay for themselves in about 17 years at the current costs of electricity.

In regard to energy saving, Conklin added, the systems in both buildings are expected to collect more energy than the buildings will use in some months of the year. "To my knowledge, this is the largest solar system heating in the county," he said.

The new campus buildings, which will open next fall, were designed by Cohen and Haft, Holtz, Kerxton & Associates. Silver Associates did the machanical engineerings; Greene and Seaquist, structural engineering; Toups and Loiederman, civil engineering, and Donovam, Feola & Balderson, landscape architecture.

There are 460 students currently registered for classes at the Germantown compus, which has been open since 1975.