A new interior storm window kit, introduced by Reynolds Metals Company, Richmond, Va. 27003, differs from most other do-it-yourself storm windows in that it has an aluminum frame which is completely independent of the window frame. It can be taken off and stored over the summer. The frame members, which come with either a silver grey or white finish, and in six-foot or eight-foot lengths, are cut to size with a hacksaw and then joined at the cornors with special brackets. The clear PVC plastic film is then cut to the size needed (one inch longer and wider than the frame; and secured to the frame with a plastic spline that is pressed into a groove in the framing members with a small roller. Self-adhering plastic foam is applied around the outside edges of the finished window frame without need for fasteners of any kind.

Sold through hardware stores and home centers, Reynolds Insulating Panels will cut heat loss through windows by as much as 32 percent, according to tests by the company. The aluminum framing strips cost about $2.50 for an 8-foot length; corner brackets are 79 cents each. The clear plastic film costs $13.79 for a 25-foot roll of 36 inch-wide material, or it can be bought by the yard. Press-On Sandpaper

To simplify changing sandpaper disks or sheets when working with an electric sanding machine, the 3M Company, St. Paul, Minn. 55101, now markets self-adhesive sandpaper in sheets and disks. No separate adhesives, clamps or other retaing devices are required. Called Press 'N Sand, the sheets and disks are simply pressed into place and can be peeled off easily when a replacement is needed. The five-inch thick disks can be used with most electric drill sanding pads, but for best results the manufacturers recommed their own Press 'N Sand pad which has a special facing that will hold better. The sheets for obital or finishing sanders require that a conversion pad be applied first. This pad can be left if desired. Prices are about $3 for the sanding pad; $1.40 for five disks; $1.09 for five sheets; and 99 cents for the conversion paid. Heat by the Foot

Frostex III Heating Cable, for wrapping around water and drain pipelines to keep them from fressing, is an unusual its operation (ordinary electric heating cable that can be cut to any length desired without affecting its operation (ordinary electric heating cables come in set lengths and cannot be cut without destroying them). In addition to this unique capability, Frostex cable will not overheat or burn out when overlapped (another drawback of conventional heating cables), and it needs no thermostat because the cable is self regulating; heat outburst is increase as temperature drops and it is decreased as the temperature rises.

Heat output will also vary along its length if temerature vary due to different exposures. All this is accomplished by a plastic semiconductive core that varies its electrical resistance as temperatures change. When installing the cable a special plug is attached at the other end after cutting the cable to length. Made by the Chemelex Division of Reychem Corp., 2201 Bay Road, Redwood City. Calif. 64063, the cable costs about $1.25 per foot; plug and cap are $1.95. Fast-Acting Drain Opener

Recents tests have shown that a new non-acid liquid drain opener called Double Agent will unstop a clogged drain much faster than the two leading brands of liquid drain cleaner currently used by homeowners. Made by Hercules Chemical Company, 84 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10011, it is a safe-to-use, one-shot package consisting of two parts: a premeasured envelope of special nuggets that are poured into the drain opening first, and the liquid that is poured in shortly after to activate the chemicals. No bailing out is necessary because the chemical will work through standing water in a sink or basin. Double Agent comes in a 16-ounce size and is sold through hardware and houseware stores. It is harmless to pies, sink and tub finishes, and septic tanks, and it works equally well on kitchen drains clogged with grease, or bathroom drains clogged with hair and soap. Wall Hangers

Made for storing tools, brooms, mops, sports equipment, lawn furniture or similar items weighing up to 10 pounds on the wall of a garage, basement or closet, a new storage unit from Stanley Hardware, New Britain, Conn. 05050, consists of a set of movable hooks that can be spaced as needed along a bar that is 16 inches or 32 inches long. Suitable for attaching to studs or wall panels, the standard storage system consists of a 16-inch bar with four hooks, and costs $1.69. A Mini-Storage Bar that uses smaller hooks cost $1.39 for four hooks on a 32-inch bar, or eight hooks on the same bar cost $2.99. Water Saver

A special coupling that fits onto the end of a standard 1/2 inch shower arm can be quickly installed to limt the flow of water through that shower to a rate of three gallons per minute, regardless of the water pressure or how much of the faucet is opened (this compares with the usual six to 10 gallons per minute for 1/2 inch pipe). Designed to save fuel, as well as cold water where water shortages are a problem, the unit is installed by unscrewing the shower head and screwing the Water Pincher coupling onto the end of the pipe before re-installing the shower head on the other end of the fitting. The coupling, made by Zin-Plas Corp., Grand Rapids, Mich. 49501, and costing about $2, has a built-in flow control that varies the size of the inside orifice according to pressure to maintain a constant flow under all conditions. New Book

"Basic Home Wiring Illustrated" (Lane Publishing, $2.45) is a large-format, soft cover, 88-page Sunset book by the editors of that company. It si exceptionally well illustrated, with many explicit line drawings that any home handyman or handywoman will have no trouble following. The clearly written text includes step-by-step instructions for making many common electrical repairs around the house, as well as for doing a good deal of your own wiring.