The Charles R. Hooff Co., a firm whose roots in Alexandria were laid down 189 years ago, has recently enlarged its operations into the District and nearby Maryland.

The new realty enterprise, Charles R. Hooff, Inc., of Washington, has been formed by Hooff and Obee O'Brien Littin, of Bethesda, a broker who is licensed in all three area jurisdictions. Littin is president of the new corporation, Charles R. Hooff III of Alexandria is vice president and secretary and John C.H. Hooff Jr., Alexandria, treasurer.

The new Hooff office is at Brandywine Plaza, 4545 42nd St. NW and the parent firm continues to have its operation at 1707 Duke St., Alexandria.

The late Sarah Carlyle Fairfax Herbert Hooff founded the Alexandria firm in 1929 and Charles R. Hooff represents the seventh generation of the family in real estate. He now is building a group of five colonially styled town houses on South Union Street in Alexandria.

But the Hooff association with real state in Alexandria goes back to 1789, when Lawrence Hooff II finished a house at 521 Duke St. and rented it to bushrod Wshigton, nephew of President George Washington. Members of the family recalled the at Alexandria then was a one-street (Fairfax) town. A few years later other streets were laid out and stone paving began. In 1797, Chain Bridge became the first span over the Potomac into the District.

Lawrence Hooff III bought a lot for $1 and annual ground rent of $60 and built a house (still standing) at 201 N. Fairfax St.

The firm's present Alexandria address is in a building built in the early 1800s. At that point the old town was a waterfront site that was becoming a rail center. Now the Hooff office is a block from a planned Metro station.

Littin was formerly national director of sales for the Mary Chess and Schiaparelli cosmetics/fashion firms in New York City and Charles Hooff served accountant and contractor negotiator for Air America, an international contract air carrier.