Carpeting is usually the major expense when you furnish a home, and steps are being taken by manufacturers to help us buy property.

Money magazine noted recently that carpeting should be chosen according to the traffic it will bear. One manufacturer, Bigelow, grades carpets by wearability. No. 1 is for light-duty areas, such as guest rooms ($4 to $6 a square yard). No. 2 is for a dining room ($6 to $10). No. 3 is for bedrooms ($10 to $15), and No. 4 is for heavy traffic areas ($15 to $25).

Carpeting should last seven years, which is a bit longer than most families stay at the same address. Wool is preferred by some buyers because of its rich colors and resistance to crushing and soil. However, the price of wool is out of sight these days, and the nylons are taking over.

Nylon does accumulate static electricity and shows dirt quickly, but DuPont has lessened these problems with its Antron nylons.

Always ask for a sample before buying carpeting. Take it home and put it on the floor you intend to cover. Colors often look different under home lighting.Test the density of the pile by bending the carpet.

Try to look through the pile to the backing. If too much of thebacking shows, the carpet is not dense. Abundance of fiber is important.