Q: What is the difference between an exclusive agency and an exclusive listing?

A: In an exclusive agency, one real estate broker is appointed as sole agent for the sale of a property for a certain period of time. However, if the owner sells the property himself, he is not obliged to pay a commission to the broker.

In an exclusive listing, the agent is given the exclusive right to sell the property. Even if the owner sells the property, or even if another broker sells the property, the commission must be paid to the agent holding the exclusive listing.

Q: What is meant by "adverse possession?"

A: Adverse possession is the right of a land occupant to acquire title against the real owner, where possession has been actual, continuous, hostile, visible and distinct for the statutory period.

Q: I grew up with a fellow who was not expected to go far. But after World War II he made it really big by becoming involved in shopping centers, malls, etc. in the Washington, D.C. area. he is multi-millionaire at this point.

I'm not that greedy, but I would like to make it big. Is this field be something I can try out for?

A: Shopping centers are not for inexperienced, small investors. This is one place they can be devoured.

The wisest way to invest in this highly skilled area is to own the land that shopping centers desire or to own the land adjacent to the giant centers. The important neighbro will cause value to be rendered to your land next to the giant centers.

Shoppers can find anything they want at regional centers. However, there are enough obstacles in the way of these centers that few will be built in the near future. Together with highrise office buildings, schools, lakes, parks, etc., the shopping center will always have its place. But such a plan must be undertaken with the most experienced participants available.

Q: We have bats in our attic, and it's driving us "batty." Can you suggest a way of getting rid of them?

A: The first thing to do is check to be certain that all possible crevices through which they might enter are closed.

You can buy a colorless gelatinous product used for discouraging birds from roosting at large hardware or garden supply stores. This is spread on the bats' roosting places in your attic. It is harmless, but they don't like it on their feet.