Thirty-one awards were made this week by the Metropolitan Washington Builders Council in its 19th annual "finest for family living" competition. Council members submitted 68 entries.

Criteria for the judging, done by a panel of builders, marketing specialists and architects from the District, Maryland and Virginia, included basic design and construction, concern for environment and energy conservation and value comparison.

For the second consecutive year, energy efficiency awards were given to several building firms, all of which were winners in varied categories: Poretsky & Starr, William L. Berry & Co., Hylton Enterprises, Countryside Developers, Inc., John C. Walker Companies and International Developers, Inc.

Awards of honor went to:

KRB, Inc, headed by M. T. Rose, for a splitlevel, single-family house in the Sunrise subdivision in Oxon Hill area; price range: $65,000 or under; architect, Victor Smoten & Associates.

Wm. L. Berry & Co., Inc, for a two-story, single-family house in the Woodberry subdivision at Burke Centre: price range $80,000 to $100,000; architect: Cohen & Haft, Holz, Kerxton Associates.

Puite Homes, for its own design of a two-story traditional house in Fox Vale Farm in the Great Falls area; price range: $100,000 to $152,000.

Countryside Developers, Ltd., for a two-story traditional house in Countryside in the Langley area; price range: over $125,000; architercts: Michael LeMay and Charles Oakes.

Kettler Brothers, Inc., a town house in Clubside in Montgomery Village; price range under $50,000; architect James N. Maleady.

Poretsky & Starr, Inc., a New England Townes town house in Burke Centre; price range: $50,000 to $65,000; architect: Jack Kerxton, of Cohen & Haft Associates.

John C. Walker Companies, for a cohtemporary town house in inverness North on Seven Locks Road; price range: $65,000 to $85,000; architect: Walter Seigel, of Horowitz & Seigel.

Crowell & Baker Construction Co., for a traditional town house in Carlyle Walk in Old Town Alexandra; price range: over $85,000; architect: Patterson & Worland.

Crowell & Baker Construction Co., traditional custom home in Bethesda; price range: $100,000 to $200,000; architect: Charles Russell; and the same firm for a contemporary home designed by the same architect for a lot in the Tars area of Potomac; price range: over $200,000.

Barrett M. Linde, for DuPont Row and Corcoran Walk traditional town houses in the District; category: multi-family low-rise unrestricted price range; architect: Edmud W. Dryfuss & Associates.

International Developers, Inc., for an apartment in the high-rise Rotunda in Tysons Corner; unrestricted price range; Hobe & Graff, architect.

Awards of merit were distributed to:

Hylton Enterprises, for a single-family traditional house in Dale City; price range: under $65,000; architect: James Payne.

BSR Construction, Inc., for a contemporary house in Rockland Commons in Rockville; price range, $65,000 to $80,000; architect, Imas Gruner & Associates.

Porelsky & Starr, Inc., for a single-family house in Jack Kerxton, of Cohen & Haft Associates.

William L Berry Co., Inc., for a single-family house in the same price category in another section of Burke Centre; architect, Cohen & Haft.

C-1/Mitchell & Best Co., for a traditional house in Potomac; price range, $100,000 to $125,000 architect, Wil Worland. Kettler Brothers, Inc., won in the same price category for a house in the Wood Edge subdivision in Springfield; architect, Don A. Nalley.

Berger-Berman Builders, Inc., for a contemporay house in the Persimmon Tree subdivision in Bethesda; price range, over $125,000; architect, Jack Kerxton, of Cohen & Haft.

Hylton Enterprises, for a town house under $50,000 in its Williamston subdivision at Dumfries; architect, James Payne.

Pulte Homes, for a Pulte-designed town house under $50,000 at Ashton Place in Germantown area.

Poretsky & Starr, for a New England Townes' townhouse in Burke Centre; price range $50,000 to $65,000; architect, Jack Kerxton.

Watergate of Alexandra Associates, for a traditional town house in a new development in Old Town Alexandria; price range, over $85,000;architect, Smith & Williams and VVKR. Donohoe Construction is the builder.

West Alexandria Properties, Inc., for a high-rise apartment at Watergate atLandmark; unrestricted price range; architect, holle & Graff. CAPTION: Picture, Crowell & Baker Construction house on Barret Lane in Bethesda won builders' award for single-family houses in the $100,000 to $200,000 range, by Ronald N. Anderson