Washingtonians Joseph C. Davis and Claxton Walker spell out practical ways for homeowners to conserve energy in their new book, "Wage the Energy War at Home," (Emerson Books Inc, $9,95, 256 pages). Also on the local book scene, Northern Virginia realty broker Andrew M. Barr has recently become his own publisher to put out a 191-page book on "How to Buy Real Estate With Other People's Money and How to Assemble a Real Estate Portfolio." The book, which is a compilation of course material taught by Barr, is available through his shool of real estate.

After a 31-year career in real estate investment work for Prudential Insurance Co. of America here, Ernest T. Sparks is retiring. He specialized recently in management functions for prudential real property investments here. Over the years he arranged more than $500 million in Prudential mortgage loans for builders and developers in this area. A graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, he is credited with writing the music for that college's alma mater song.

The Montgomery County Board of Realtors has a real estate problem and had gone public to ask for help. Located for 13 years in its own small building in Kensington, the 4,700-member board and its vast multiple listing service has outgrown that space. Board executive Hans Nestler said that the board is looking for a centrally located building on a minimum of five acres with parking for 500 cars and at least 20,000 square feet of office space.

The membership of the YWCA will vote later this month on whether to sell the YWCA property at 17th and K streets NW for$6.7 million to developer Charles Akridge. That price -- which adds up to approximately $350 a square foot -- would be one of the highest prices ever obtained for a midtown property. Akridge wants to build an office building there. The YWCA has been looking for a relocation site downtown.

Newly open in the basement of a Charles E. Smith office and apartment complex in Crystal Underground shopping area and Crystal Dinery of an assortment of fast food shops attracted more than 5,000 persons for lunch and dinner on Monday.