Recent real estate transfers in the District of Columbia included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various neighborhoods. Northwest

Mr and Mrs. G.M. Bonham sold a home at 4705 Asbury PL for $97,000 to Michael F. MacLeod.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Ordman sold a house at 3333 Cleveland Ave. for $200,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles V Stableford.

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Allison sold a dwelling at 1608 Corcoran St. for $65,000 to Harry L. Roesch.

Mr and Mrs. J.P. Herzog sold a residence at 1433 Geranium St. for $105,000 to William A, Dietch and Sarah J. Cannon.

A.F. Brosius Jr sold a property at 3442 Oakwood Ter for $95,000 to Catharine Valentour and Steven A. Tatu.

H.M. Walls sold a home at 15 U St. for $40,000 to Mable G. Haskins.

L.W. Kennedy sold a home at 606 3rd St. for $45,000 to John J. Forster and Roger F. Telschow.

B.M. Reed sold at 1522 6th St. for $63,500 to Harry Poe.

P L Turner sold a property at 1604 13th St. for $68,500 to L. James Edgy Jr.

D. H. Hampson sold a home at 1826 18th St. for $105,000 to Richard E. Feinberg and Diane B. Gotkin. Northeast

M B Aldrich sold a home at 1816 C St. for $67,500 to Cleveland B.T. Edwards.

Mr and Mrs. R.H. Bolen sold a home at 217 Channing St. for $46,950 to Mabel L. and Renee V. Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. A. Schmidt sold a home at 509 E St. for $81,500 to Frankie Sue Delpapa and Jon Wellinghoff.

S.R. Simon sold a home at 333 F St. for $58,500 to David Deal.

Mr. and Mrs. V. Thompson sold a dwelling at 4127 Hunt Pl. for $29,000 to Jerome Coleman.

Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Malone sold a house at 28 Underwood Pl. for $63,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Johnson

Mr and Mrs. N. X. Kinzer sold a house at 132 10th St for $89,500 to Steven M. Spivak.

W. Spangler sold a home at 801 20th St for $39,950 to Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Graham.