Students in Montgomery County are completing their second home-building project, a five-bedroom, split-level house in the Alta Vista section of Bethesda.

Residential construction as an educational program is being taught by a non-profit foundation consisting of representatives of the allied trades and professions who counsel the students. Students from 13 county high schools are taking part in the program, which is planned to last for a total of six years.

This year 250 students helped draw the plans and were responsible for the bricklaying, carpentry, part of the plumbing, bookkeeping, interior design and landscaping.

It was more ambitious than the first house Montgomery students built, also in the Alta Visa section. The second house is bigger and the students did more of the actual work, such as hanging some of the dry wall, building the kitchen cabinets and doing some of the rough plumbing, foundation officials said.

Asked what lessons they learned from the first house, project director Mike Wilson replied, "Get started earlier and never count on the weather."

The first house was sold for its appraise value -- $106,500 -- to the first bidder. Wilson said the foundation made a $10,000 profit on the house.

Included in the expenses was a $4,000 commission to the real estate agent who sold the house. Originally, the students had planned to handle the sale themselves, but the house was not finished before the end of the school year, so realtor took over. This year the students plan to sell the house themselves.