Recent condominium residence sales in Northern Virginia included the following, selected at random to indicate prices in various communities. Alexandria

Arlen Realty Inc. sold a unit in the Mayflower Square project, 418 Armistead St., for $27,900 to Ralph V. Eickhoff Jr.

D.P. Boothe Jr., trustee, sold a dwelling in The Fountains building, 301 N. Beauregard St., for $39,600 to Patricia M. Wright.

Marlaine G. Leonard sold aunit in the Edsall Bluff project, 6137 Edsall Rd., for $28,000 to Judith E. Nicholson.

Parkfairfax Improvement Associates sold a dwelling in the Park Fairfax complex, 3705 Gunston Rd., for $40,000 to Samuel A. Tierra.

Park Randolph Limited Partnership sold an apartment unit in The Greenhouse, 5300 Holmes Run Pkwy., for $54,100 to Jerry M. Dalpias.

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Kelly sold a condo unit in Alexandria House, 400 Madison St., for $59,000 to Guinevere J. Tjossem and Linda T. Sullivan.

First Virginia Mortgage & Real Estate Investment Trust sold a dwelling in Landmark Plaza, 6301 Stevenson Ave., for $35,900 to Craig M. Rooney. Arlington

Mr. and Mrs. S.P. Caruthers sold a dwelling in the Corinthian project, 1401 N. Rhodes St., for $65,000 to Catherine Lally and others.

Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Smith Jr. sold a dwelling in the Fairlington Arbor complex, 4500 S. 34th St., for $84,000 to Jane Moneure.

J.C. Milberg sold a dwelling in Fairlington Glen, 4103 S. 36th St., for $67,500 to Harriet B. Marrow.

J. Neams sold a condo in Frederick Courts, 5012 Columbia Pike, for $29,500 to Mr. and Mrs. John H. Johnson.

Park Spring Ltd. sold a dwelling in the firm's Park Spring project, 5009 7th Rd., for $31,950 to Chander M.S. Gujral and others.

Representative Inc. sold an apartment unit in the firm's building at 1101 S. Arlington Ridge Rd., for $75,295 to Dorothy B. Gaither. Fairfax County

Pennsbury of Washington Co. sold a dwelling unit in Cardinal Forest, 5919 Noblestown Rd., Springfield, for $45,612 to Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Rote.

Development Management Corp. sold a dwelling in the firm's Colonies, 7630 Provincial Dr., McLean, for $67,570 to Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Wright.

Arlen Realty sold a unit in the Fairfax Heritage project, 4901 Americana Dr., Annandale, for $23,100 to Harry G. Jacobson and others.

IDS Realty sold a unit in The Fountains project, 301 N. Beauregard St., Alexandria, for $39,800 to Sharon H. Berard.

Presley Company East sold a dwelling in Keene Mill Woods, 6369 Fenestra Ct., Burke, for $43,995 to James W. Holmes.

E.B. Fournier sold a dwelling in the Meadows complex, 14464 Turin La., Centreville, for $30,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Mowery.