One of the most extraordinary beauties of St. Charles is the inclusion - practically right smack in the middle - of 200 acres of open space called White Plains Regional Park.

Right now, the park's facilities include an 18 hole golf course with clubhouse and driving range, a lighted football field, a lighted baseball diamond, and two softball fields. Plans include a lighted skating rink, indoor swimming pool, and six lighted tennis courts.

To make things even easier, approximately two miles of four-lane parkway have just been completed in St. Charles to make White Plains and its par 70 golf course more accessible than ever to residents.

About 1 1/2 miles of extra roadway and parking have been added to the golf course area, too.

Now, with the extended lanes on St. Charles Parkway, the only long drives will be on the fairways. Bannister and Wakefield neighborhoods will be only 2 minutes by car from White Plains, making White Plains Regional Park and all its elaborate recreational facilities an integral part of St. Charles.

Land for the regional Park was donated to the county by the developers of St. Charles, representing an example of the excellent cooperation between public and private sectors in St. Charles. It is this open and happy relationship that has carved so many new areas in St. Charles for the benefit of residents and builders alike.