A new, shortened lease agreement and a supplemental list of regulations for tenants have been created by National Realty Associates Inc. for residents of the 262-unit Berkshire Woods garden apartments in the Suitland area.

Langdon Woods and William Valois, owners of the new realty management firm based in Wheaton, said that new lease agreement and regulations were wirtten in simple language to make the stipulations more readily understandable by tenants. The new forms have been in use since Aug. 1, when the firm took over the management of the Berkshire Woods' apartments.

The new one-page lease agreement replaces a usually standard form of four pages and consists of sections showing what the landlord agrees to do, what both tenant and landlord agree to do and what constitutes grounds for cancellation of the lease by either party. Both parties sign the agreement and also the seperate regulation that stipulate what the tenant agrees to do and not to do.

In the lease, the landlord stipulates that the agreement may be cancelled "if the building is damaged and we decide not to repair it" or "by giving you written notice if you do not observe this lease and the regulations which are part of the lease."

In the regulations, the tenant agrees not to "do anything to disturb neighbors," among a total of 17 other "net" items and agrees to "use the apartment only as a residence for the persons listed in your application," among a total of 13 such provisions.

Woods said that vacancies in the Berkshire Woods apartments have been reduced from 26 to 10 since the firm took over management. The one and two-bedroom apartments are rented in the range of $240 to $280 a month, including utilities.