A two-story solar house, using the sun's power for domestic hot water heating and space heating, now is being tested in Damascus.

Built by Damascus Land Corp, a subsidiary of Bresler & Reiner Inc., the house was built under a solar residential grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The house now is being tested for efficiency by the Boeing Aerospace Co. which will collect data by a telephone hook-up between the house and a station in Huntsville, Ala.

Burton Reiner of the parent building firm said that the instrumentation in the houses includes 60 intricate devices located in the piping and ductwork. Each device sends data to a small black box in the basement of the house.

Now unoccupied, the house is expected to be put on the market soon for approximately $81,000.

Reiner said that the house will be monitored five years for solar efficiency under the contract with HUD, which provided about $16,000 total for the construction of the solar facilities.

Shefferman and Bigelson, mechancial and electrical engineers, designed the solar system for the house. KTA Corp. of Rockville fabricated the roof-mounted solar collectors. Takoma Insulators worked on a special roof design to handle the collectors.

Located at 10-408 Sweepstakes Rd., Damascus, the house, now is open to the public for viewing from noon to dark except on Thursdays.