Beth Myers looks more like a health services major out of Tufts University than a redeveloper of a downtown apartment building.

But she is both.

Now 27, Myers worked in health services in Massachussetts after college and came here three years ago to work on health-related government contracts.After getting her master's in health care at George Washington University last year, she became involved in the renovation of several houses at 15th and Corcoran Streets NW.

Myers' interest in renovation has roots in Massachussets, where she was responsible for finding residential facilities for persons needing health care. "Because no one else was available, I put a renovation team together to get the job done," she recalled.

A native of Norfolk and the daughter of a developer, Myers said she started here with a working capital of $1,500. After redoing one house, she did a few more. Then an opportunity arose, through her partner, David R.Lawson, to purchase the 15-year-old 1800 R Street apartment building.

Alternative Developments Inc., the Lawson-Myers firm, bought the nine-story building for $1.7 million from Daniel and Robert Melnick last July. The facility is currently being converted to condominium ownership.

"When the remodeling is completed next year, we will have nine professional suites on the first floor and 32 apartments, some of them duplexes with fireplaces," said Myers, who is on the job almost every day to work closely with superintendent Laverne Norris.

Myers said that after the million-dollar rehabilitation, units will be priced from $61,500 to $91,500. Two efficiencies are being converted to two-story duplexes.

"I'm really for the money involved, even though I am assuming aeally for the money involved, ecen though I am assuming a major financial risk. It's an outlet for my energy. I'd like to redo some stores and small commercial centers too."

A resident of the neighborhood, Myers is thoroughly committed to urban living and has friends who are also redoing intown buildings.

"When I'm not at our own job I like to see what other people are doing," she said. "Creating something new out of existing houses and buildings really excites me."