Ronald W. Jensen, a real estate broker in Milwaukee, has spent much of the past year traveling around the country in a camper to promote his book, "Sell Your Home 'By Owner'." It is published by Jensen's own company, Daron Publishing, Box 201, New Berlin Wis.

Jensen, 39, a real estate agent for a number of years, says he is convinced that homeowners can save considerable money by selling their houses themselves.He said that while it's not always easy, the potential saving - perhaps $3,600 to $4,200 on a $60,000 house - is worth the effort.

The 184-page, $6.95 book is not the first of its kind. Gerald M. Steiner's "Home for Sale by Owner," for instance, was published by Hawthorne Books Inc. two years ago.

Jensen said that 18,000 copies of his text has been sold since it was introduced 11 months ago.

One of Jensen's theories is that "houses sell themselves." He added that owners must make certain to have the house in up-to-snuff condition and show it off nicely to make the sale. "And, also, be totally truthful," he said.

Two of his main points of advice to the do-it-yourself seller include getting a professional appraisal in order to set the correct asking price and hiring an attorney specializing in real estate to handle the legal side of the transaction. He also gives advice about how to open the house for inspection, handle prospects, how to compromise slightly on the asking price as how to avoid agents who try to get listings.