Recent home sales in the Northwest area of the District of Columbia included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various neighborhoods.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. B. Sterrett sold a house at 4612 Brandywine St. for $162,500 to Eugene P. Curbin and Donna P. Curtiss.

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Gray sold a home at 1401 Delafield Pl. for $92,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. McDonell.

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Wilkoff sold a dwelling at 3101 Ellicott St. for $345,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Nordheimer.

M. V. Burgess sold a dwelling at 1310 Euclid St. for $55,000 to Doris J. Mason.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Jenkins sold a home at 757 1/2Fairmont St. for $25,000 to Vonthia I. Henderson.

Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Cooney sold a residence at 1409 Foxhall Rd. for $11,500 to Neal S. Young.

G. M. Brown sold a dwelling at 1234 Girard St. for $75,000 to Joyce T. Berry.

Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Buckingham sold a home at 3108 Hawthorne St. for $172,500 to Lee A. Pickard and Lynne P. Sparks.

Mr. and Mrs M. Chaiken sold a home at 4604 Iowa Ave. for $49,750 to Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Bankner.

C. D. Martin sold a home at 1710 Johnson Ave. for $62,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Ruhter.

A. D. Boardman sold a house at 5035 Lowell St. for $275,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Lewis.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Meadows sold a house at 1451 N St. for $77,100 to John J. Prescott.

Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Morrall III sold a residence at 3319 Newark St. for $260,000 to Harriet B. Anderson.

A. K. O'Neill sold a home at 2501 Northampton St. for $180,000 to Vernon C. Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Reilly sold a house at 3618 Porter St. for $150,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Cronin Jr.

W. T. Fairbain III sold a property at 3021 Q St. for $232,000 to Bernard Donovan and Katharine L. Picard.

Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Sprague sold a home at 3222 Scott P1. for $300,000 to Anne S. Anwyl.

Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Clark sold a house at 3817 T St. for $144,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Henry.

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Moore Sr. sold a home at 1337 1st St. for $35,000 to William O. Anderson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Gilmore sold a house at 6101 4th St. for $76,500 to Robert A. Northern and Joan Watkins.