Recent acreage, estate and commercial property sales in Loudoun Country included the following, selected from data furnished by Deed Fax, a Manassas realty publishing firm.

U.S. Steel Corp. sold the Sterling Park Shopping Center on Sterling Blvd., Sterling Park, for $295 million to Sterling Park Limited Partnership.

Hazleton Dulles Laboratories Corp. sold a property on Sully Rd. with 12 acres. Broad Run District, for $900.000 to Industrial Development Authority of Loudoun Country.

SRL Properties Inc. sold a 15 acre property on Catoctin Circle. Leesburg, for $750.000 to Joffe Properties.

W.F. Miner and other sold a 32 acre residential property on Rte, 701 Purcellville for $235,000 to Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Miller.

J.H. Aylor and others sold a 200 acre property on Rtes, 600 and 705, Broad Run District, for $422.000 to H.J Kim, turstee.

J.K. Copeland, turstee, sold a 10-acre property on Rte. 6060, Broad Run District, for $209,000 to Systematics General Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Freeman sold a property with 43 acres on Rte. 630, Mercer District,for $187,500 to Mr. and Mrs. P.R. Allen Jr.

Mr. and MRs. J. O. Welborn sold a 163-acre property on Rte. 656, Leesburg, for $196,650 to Queen's Hill Corp. The Wellborns' also sold 150 acres on Rte. 656 for $152,500 to Mr. and Mrs. D. B. parbery, 102 acres on Rte. 656 for $81,900 to Mr. and Mrs. P.V. Daley and 98 acres on Rte. 657 to Marian W. Daley.n the District will be held at 8:30 a.m. Monday at the D.C. National Guard Armory, 2001 East C