The 73-year-old Burlington Hotel, a large parking grage and several small office structures in the 1100 block of Vermont Avenue NW will be razed soon to make way for two large office buildings. National Content Liquidators of Dayton, Ohio, has began to sell the Burlington's contents -- everything from marble and wrought iron railings to kitchen equipment. A group headed by Sylvan (Chick) Herman has leased the ground from hotel owner Hayden Moses and plans to raze the building within 60 days. The group will build a $25-million, 10-story office structure, which was designed by Peter Ellenbogen of OKE Inc., Silver Spring.

On a site to the south, a group headed by Jerome Golub has arranged with a New York City development firm to build a 270,000-square-foot office building, designed by Vlastimil Koubek. The property to the west of Burlington is owned by a group headed by Giuseppe Cecchi. The group plans to start a major office-apartment complex there within two years.

Owning a house was the top goal of about a third of a group of Americans recently surveyed by public opinion researcher Robert J. Teeter of Detroit. He told a group of realtors meeting here in Washington his poll showed that 34 percent of those quizzed in a sampling give top priority to moving to a new location. And three-quarters of that 34 percent want a detached house.

Shannon & Lulchs has announced the sale -- for $12.5 million in cash -- of the office building at 1750 K St. NW to a French investor. Broker Alice Ish handled the negotiations between the 1750 K Partnership and the unnamed investor, who was represented by Washington attorney Neal Krucoff.

Professor Maury Seldin of American University has written a 53-page booklet on "How to Look for Real Estate Opportunities" (Weimer Business Advisory Service Inc., Bloomington, Ind., $4.90).

If you didn't think real estate has been booming along in this area, statistics compiled by Julien J. Studley Inc. show that this area has become the second most active in leasing of office space. With a record 3.2 million square feet of new spaced leased last year in the District and more than 1 million leased in suburban area, Washington trails only Houston.