The Polinger Co., manager of the three-building, 1,525-unit Van Ness apartment complex near Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness Street NW, is considering converting the 466-unit north building of the complex to condominium ownership.

A letter to tenants last month said that while there were no immediate plans to convert the Van Ness Centre apartments to condominium or cooperative ownership, consideration might be given to a future conversion.

The company has also obtained certificates from the District government to allow conversion to condominium or cooperative ownership. Asked if that meant the buildings would be converted, Pollinger vice president R. Lide Glenn, said, "The letter states the facts. There's nothing to add or subtract from the letter."

One tenant of the building, who delined to be identified, said that "of special concern to many tenants of the Van Ness North building is the problem of purchasing an apartment at an age when so many of us are retired and attempting to live on fixed incomes."

Tenants at another another high-rise apartment complex in the area, the Grosvenor Park apartments in Rockville, have also expressed concern that their buildings will be converted to condominiums and they will be unable to afford the new units.

American Invsco, a Chicago-based company that is also the country's largest condominium converter, recently purchased two of the high-rise towers and garden apartments for more than $30 million.

Although Invsco officials have said they have no immediate plans to convert the complex to condominiums, tenants there said they expect to receive notification.