There condominium dwellings, selected at random, sold recently in the District of Columbia.


California House Partnerships Limited sold a unit at 2205 California St. for $89,000 to Shannon McCarthy.

Cathedral Corp. sold a dwelling in the firm's building at 4200 Cathedral Ave. for $78,000 to Claude W. LaSalle.

2029 Connecticut Avenue Inc. sold an apartment at 2029 Connecticut Ave. for $165,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Mace I. Broide.

Wiltshire Associates sold a dwelling at 3701 Connecticut Ave. for $43,400 to Maureen L. Santini.

H. B. Grimes sold a dwelling at 1718 Corcoran St. for $65,000 to David H. Hoster II and John F. McShea.

Barrett M. Linde and others sold a dwelling at 1839 Corcoran St. for $64,950 to Hazel L. Pordoy.

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Bush sold a dwelling at 1325 18th St. for $63,000 to Pierre Sutton.

Barrett M. Linde sold a condo unit at 1631 1/2 19th St. for $65,950 to Neil Ofsthun.

P.W. Hersh, trustee, sold a dwelling at 1320 21st St. for $80,950 to Mr. and Mrs. Blair A. Ruble.

Potomac Overlook Partnership sold a dwelling at 1001 26th St. for $70,500 to Thomas F. Shannon.


Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Wolfe sold a dwelling at 271 G St. for $75,675 to Mr. and Mrs. Ian C. Richards.

P. N. Nash and others sold a dwelling at 700 7th St. for $53,000 to Mark S. and Nathan I. Landman.


Fort Lincoln New Town Corp. sold a dwelling at 2809 31st Pl. for $67,500 to David Walker.


R. E. Smothers sold a dwelling at 3805 W St. for $32,500 to Darryl A. and Raymond N. Broadus.

D. E. Newcomb Jr. and others sold a dwelling at 3818 W St. for $41,000 to Linda E., Florence C. and Theodore R. Meyers.

Wheeler Hill Limited Partnership sold a dwelling at 767 Wheeler Hill Dr. for $48,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Drayton.

Fairfax Inc. sold a dwelling at 2041-A 38th St. for $43,500 to Doris M. Hutcherson.