An electrician lured to central Florida becuase of its mild climate and booming economy says he can find no home to rent so he, his wife and their four children have been living in a tent.

Money is not the problem, say Bob and Jeannie Alexander.

"I never have had this problem anywhere else, and I have never had trouble finding a good home for my children at a price I was willing and able to pay. Look, I'm not poor and I would like a nice home for my family, but I cannot seem to find it," said Alexander, 29.

He landed an electrician's job almost as soon as they moved from Maryland a month ago. But real estate agents confirm that his family's plight will be the rule, rather than the exception, in central Florida in the future.

Numerous construction projects, including work for Disney World, Orlando's convention center and expansion of the city's airport will flood the area with migratory workers.

"Where are all these workers -- maybe 5,000 to 10,000 of them -- going to stay?" said Arthur Wilamoski, a member of the Orlando -- Winter Park Board of Realtors' executive committee. "People used to build houses to rent them. But now with mortgage rates going up, sometimes the rent that can be charged is less than the mortgage."