Recent house sales in the Northwest and Northeast sections of the District included the following, selected at random to indicate prices in various communities. Northwest

L. V. Smith sold a house at 132 Madison St. for $61,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Muskelly.

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. Robinson sold a home at 612 Newton Pl. for $53,000 to Mr. and Mrs. James E. Burroughs.

L. K. Berry sold a house at 3022 O St. for $200,000 to John A. Schnittker and Joan M. Davidson.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L.P. Harris sold a house at 4447 P St. for $140,000 to Sydney J. Aidinis.

M. W. Dayton sold a property at 3203 Porter St. for $100,000 to Donald Glen.

C. M. Barber sold a house at 147 Randolph Pl. for L. A. Wolf sold a house at 1757 U St, for $37,500 to Douglas H. Benson II and Robert Fitzgerald.

B. Carr and others sold a home at 1417 Whittier St. for $79,000 to Elaine R. Jones and Arlen P. Maclin. Northeast

H. S. Canfield IV sold a dwelling at 312 5th St. for $120,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Gross Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Andrews sold a home at 5044 11th St. for $45,000 to Ann B. Connelly.

Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Williams sold a house at 924 45th Pl. for $29,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Carson.

S. L. McCalip sold a residence at 1517 31st St. for $344,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Miller.

E. N. Harang and others sold a dwelling at 5501 4th St. for $75,000 to James S. Ruffin.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Brewton sold a home at 4209 41st St. for $154,000 to David D. Kulig and Dorothy A. Sable.

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Harndon sold a dwelling at 4623 44th St. for $119,900 to Mr. and Mrs. John H. Lockie.