Recent homes sales in the District of Columbia included the following, selected at random to provide an indication of values in various neighborhoods.


Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Sherman sold a home at 4332 Albermarle St. for $135,000 to Howard L. Vincent and Lynn A. Rockwell.

C.T. Harmon sold a dwelling at 2951 Arizona Ave. for $201,500 to Mr. and Mrs Joseph E. Dean.

E.C.G Emmet sold a property at 3018 Dunbarton St. for $350,000 to Dolly Hoffman.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W.A. Isaac sold a home at 711 Elder St. for $52,500 to George E. Edward E. and Lillian M. Rickman.

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Gooding sold a home at 1212 Jefferson St. for $60,500 to Mr. and Mrs Mark W. Whitaker

B.A. Posey sold a house at 4828 Kansas Ave for $52,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Brown.

Mrs. and Mrs D.C. Miner sold a swelling at 2016 O St. for $55,000 to John T. Conrad and Judith S. DeSio.

S.A.L. McCoy sold a home at 756 Princetown Pl. for $49,900 to Mr. and Mrs. Elliot C Lee.

Mr and Mrs C.E. Lister sold a home at 5132 Rockwood Pkwy. for $265,000 to Mr and Mrs Perry R. Taylor Jr.

G Patrick sold a residence at 2315 S St. for $500,000 to Hobart Taylor Jr.

F.F. Turner sold a house at 6240 Utah Ave. for $103,000 to Jon M. Kingsdale and Rosalie R. Phillips.

A.L. Solem sold a residence at 202 Van Buren St. for $56,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph German Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Moore Sr. sold a house at 4310 15th St. for $67,500 to Meer H. Majeed.

H.M. Ormsby sold a swelling at 6147 31st Pl. for $115,000 to George Spencer.


Mr. and Mrs R.E. Thomas sold a home at 3336 Alden Pl. for $31,000 to Thelma Cohen.

R. Novoa sold a house at 1331 C St. for $122,500 to R. Allen Payne.

Mr. and Mar. N.H. Clark sold a home at 5411 Dix St. for $29,500 to John E. Hardy Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Laundgren sold a home at 512 F. St for $99,950 to Robert C Thomas.

T.C. Laney sold a home at 412 I St. for $43,500 to Mr. and mrs. Alfred I. Scott.

Mr. and Mrs O. Grant sold a home at 1744 Lang Pl. for $37,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Denis G. Antonie.

Mr. and Mrs. P.L. Stephen sold a home at 1006 Rhode Island Ave. for $64,000 to Mabel Kelly and Olene S. Jeffreys.

B.E. Carter sold a home at 320 Tennessee Ave. for $67,500 to Mr. and Mrs Frank E Turner.

R.A. Dillion sold a home at 1740 Webster St. for $78,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Frank E Riddick.

Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Cashdollar sold a home at 611 5th St. for $72,500 to Mr. and Mrs Rick J. Pelasara.

Mr. and Mrs. T.A. McCune sold a home at 830 11th St. for $74,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Matthews.


Mr. and mrs. J.T. McManus sold a home at 634 Independence Ave. for $108,500 to Margaret E. Melun.