One of the few black women real estates agents in Northern Virginia last week opened one of the few real estate firms owned by a black woman in the Washington area.

Delores A. Frye, an agent in Northern Virginia for more than five years, said that although few blacks enter the real estate field, "Efforts are being made to involve more blacks in real estate."

Frye, whose firm is located in the Lake Anne Center in Reston, said she is looking for agents to hire but presently she is the only sales person.

Her multiple-listing firm will specialize in residential sales in Northern Virginia and will cater to all races of customers although in the past few of her clients have been black, she said.

Frye has worked at Wellborn Properties Inc. in Reston and Panorama Inc. in Mclean, and at both places has annually been a member of the Million Dollar Club, which honors sales people who have sold at least $1 million worth of real estate in a year. CAPTION: Picture, Del. Raymond Vickery (left), Lt. Gov. Charles Martha Penino at the opening of Frye's real Robb, Dolores Frye and Fairfax Supervisor estate office in Reston this past Tuesday.

By Larry Morris-The Washington Post