Newbridge, on a section of the community formerly known as Northampton, has been opened as a 1,000-acre residential development about two miles east of the Capital Centre on Landover Road in Prince George's County.

Poretsky & Starr, a Maryland home building firm, is the developer of homes that are being built around an existing 18-hole golf course. The firm is also a co-developer of the area with the Northampton Corp., headed by William J. Levitt Jr.

The Northampton Country Club, which was completed several years ago, now is known as Newbridge Country Club.

Large single-family houses are being built around the golf course in a section called Indian Wells. The first phase will have 40 houses in a neighborhood where a total of 148 are planned.

Four models are being shown, some with five bedrooms. All of the houses may have garages, screened porches, cedar shake roofs and catherdral ceilings. Cohen and Haft, Holtz, Kerxton & Associates designed the houses.

All of the houses being built by Poretsky-Starr (a firm that has been a major winner in recent competitions held by the Metropolitan Washington Home Builders Association) have Home Owners Warranty insurance coverage under a nationwide plan, developed by the National Association of Home Builders, to provide contractual protection for buyers.

Prices begin at $89.900 and late fall occupancy is being promised.

The Northampton community originally was opened in 1966 under a higher desity plan. A number of single houses, town houses and apartments were built.ver, total development plans were inhibited by a sluggish market and later by a sewer moratorium. Now the density will be lower and most of the land will be occupied by detached dwellings.

Another part of the resumed development of the Northampton tract is a planned commercial area, Largo Centre, on a 249-acre quadrant just south of the Capital Centre and east of Beltway exit 33 and north of Central Avenue (Rte. 214). The first office building is scheduled to be started this spring.

The total Northampton community is just north of Prince George's Community College and the Kettering residential community (on the soute side of Rte. 214) developed over the past decade by MCD Enterprises Inc., headed by Abert W. Turner.