Recent home sales in the District of Columbia included the following, selected at random to provide an indication of values in various neighborhoods.


Mr. and Mrs. G.P.J. Harris sold a home at 3329 Blaine St. for $41,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Marlon O. Hines.

E.T. Gulyas sold a house at 611 2nd St. for $72,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Junek.

J.M. Williamss sold a house at 533 5th St. for $66,000 to Mr. and Mrs. David E. Flynn.

Mr. and Mrs. L.K. Wise sold a house at 530 10th St. to Mr. and Mrs. James W. Maza.

A.E. Parlon sold a house at 4006 12th St. for $67,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Chester R. Aeschliman.


Mr. and Mrs. V. Vashi sold a home at 810 A St. for $143,000 to Robert A. Weinstein and Judith M. Capen.

Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Weinstein sold a home at 3363 Brothers Pl. for $51,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Green.

Mr. and Mrs. V.C. Chappelear sold a home at 324 D St. for $83,250 to Mr. and Mrs. Pal Maleter.

F.D. Schreider sold a home at 1506 E St. for $115,000 to Frank W. Goetschius.

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Brewer sold a home at 707 Hilltop Ter. for $39,950 to Gregory B. Talley and Denise D. Davis.

C. Hambrick Jr. sold a house at 329 Raleigh St. for $32,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Grayton Jr.