Housing rehabilitation information for builders and developers will be provided in a course to be sponsored by the National Savings and Loan League and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Harold W. Greenwood Jr., president of the NSLL, said the trade group will prepare course materials, recruit students and instructors and conduct a five-day protoype course. It is expected to be followed by several other training courses around the nation.

Jay Janis, representing HUD, said "we're convinced that the housing rehabilitation industry must be stimulated and encouraged in order for us to make an impact on revitalizing the nation's inner cities. HUD's goal is to help that industry to create a sound footing."

The course seeks to help person who are already in some phase of housing rehabilitation or construction to obtain additional training to establish their own businesses or improve existing operations. The course was developed by M. Ray Niblack, a housing consultant who will be in charge of the course for the NSLL.

Niblack said that planning is being done now to present the first course here in the fall.He said that interested persons can send their names to him in care of the NSLL, 1101 15th St. NW., D.C. 20005. CAPTION: Picture, From left, Jonathan Lindley, executive vice president of NSLL; Anita Rechler, of HUD; Jay Janis, HUD undersecretary. Seated, Richard A. Lawton, president and chairman off Washington-Lee Savings & Loans of McLean.