Recent home sales in the District included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various neighborhoods.


Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Thomas sold a home at 3963 S. St. for $69,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dancy.

P. E. Jones sold a home at 459 Valley Ave. for $42,500 to Jesse B. Kelliebrew and Harold T. Marshall.

Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Winter sold a house at 323 6th St. for $127,500 to Richard J. Hirsch and Nancy E. Vogt.

J. H. Kindsavatter sold a home at 1010 13th St. for $105,000 to Mark S. Krausz.

S. Steve sold a home at 3906 1st St. for $45,000 to Thelma R. Harrison.

B. M. Easley sold a home at 1828 22nd St. for $56,000 to Olivia J. Steward.


S. Bourn sold a dwelling at 3550 Albemarle St. for $127,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Reiman.

T. O. Everett sold a dwelling at 4973 Butterworth Pl. for $92,000 to Elinor L. Martin.

E. Mitchell sold a home at 3834 Fulton St. for $235,000 to Mr. and Mrs. David A. Klaus.

E. D. Merrill sold a home at 3111 Hawthorne St. for $172,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Yan M. Ross.

B. N. Cameron sold a house at 6819 Laurel St. for $74,500 to Peter A. Noterman and Mary E. Jacksteit.