Recent home sales in the District of Columbia included the following, selected at random to indicate prices in various neighborhoods.


Mr. and Mrs. L. Paraskevas sold a property at 1762 Columbia Rd. for $130,000 to Barbara W. Palmer.

M. C. Gould sood a dwelling at 1778 Hobart St. for $105,600 to Stephen D. Altman.

Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Haley sold a residence at 3604 Prospect St. for $300,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Leibold Jr.

J. B. Thornton Jr. sold a house at 159 Randolph Pl. for $54,000 to Alden J. Lawson Jr.

W. W. Scheidegger sold a home at 3730 Veazey St. for $121,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Gregory O. Lipscomb.

T. M. Keyes sold a house at 3211 13th St. for $96,500 to Kenneth S. Appel and Caroline S. Hadley.

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Normandin sold a dwelling at 4822 MacArthur Blvd. for $220,000 to George A. Spencer.

G. O. Nutting sold a house at 4907 Rockwood Pkwy. for $425,000 to Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mason.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Miller sold a home at 305 Shepherd St. for $57,500 to Lewis F. Smith.

O. F. Summers sold a home at 129 U St. for $70,500 to Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sansone.

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Sommer sold a home at 713 Varnum St. for $52,500 to Diane E. H. Powell.

I. M. Scott sold a house at $5312 8th St. for $56,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wilson.


A. E. Massiah sold a home at 1420 Hamlin St. for $55,000 to Rosa L. Thomas.

G. Callas sold a home at 1245 Morse St. for $49,950 to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. Campanella.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Johnson sold a home at 1330 N. Carolina Ave. for $67,750 to Lewis K. Wise and Anne L. Monroe.

Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Webb sold a home at 1916 3rd St. for $53,000 to Joseph B. Thornton Jr.


B. Atkins sold a house at 3610 Brothers Pl. for $52,950 to Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Crider.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Packard II sold a home at 23 5th St. for $130,000 to Katherine I. Hall and Albert G. Lauber Jr.

M. D. Barrett sold a home at 402 16th St. for $87,500 to Ruth A. Smith and Rand Guffey.