Samuel Pardoe, whose speciality is expensive houses built for speculation, is a completing a Georgetown duplex with a number of unusual features. He plans to live in one of the houses and rent the other -- for about $3,500 a month,

The four-story brick dwellings at 2804-06 Q St. NW have elevators, living rooms soaring two and three stories, tiny backyard swimming pools, and wine cellars. But Pardoe's unit will also have computer-controlled lighting -- with adaptations for disco illumination -- a firehouse pole for quick access from the third to first floors and a stereo system with 50 speakers.

Pardoe, who has built a number of houses in Northwest Washington in the past decade, has also rehabilitated and restored houses here, But his current project is his most expensive undertaking.

He said his house would probably sell for more than $600,000. The $3,500-range rent he plans to charge for the other unit will be among the highest for a house of that size -- 4,800 square feet -- in this area.

Michael A. Patterson designed the federal-style houses, which are being built under the supervision of Oliver Tuthill, a long-time superintendent for Pardoe. CAPTION: Picture, Builder plans to live in half of this duplex. By Jack Hays for the Washington Post