Nine properties in this region have been certified as historic by the Historic Homes Association of America, a non-profit, Washington-based organization of homeowners.

Excutive Director James C. Massey said the properties are certified as having "historical and architectural significance that has been well preserved by the owners."

Newly certified are:

C. Dudley Brown's house at 120 4th St. SE; the house of Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Evans at 3013 Q St. NW; Mrs. Frank Manning's Wise's Tavern, Alexandria, and the home of Mrs. George Walker at 711 Prince St., Alexandria.

Also, Mrs. Joseph Prendergast's Oak Hill in Aldie, Va.; Adm. Richard Blackburn Black's Rippon Lodge near Woodbridge, Va.; South . Lynn's Kennedy Farm near Sharpsburg, Md., and Brentmoor, owned by Nancy Brown and Mrs. C.E. Shepherd, near Warrenton, Va.

Another property certified was "Annington," a 180-yearold Georgian plantation house on 20 acres at Dickerson, Md. The 10-room, brick house, which has seven fireplaces, is owned by Mr. adn Mrs. James A. Caywood and overlooks the Potomac.

Massey said his organization was set up to assist owners of historic houses and to give technical assistance and information to encourage private preservation efforts. CAPTION: Picture, Annington house at Dickerson, Md., has been certified as historic.