Recent condominium dwelling sales in the Distric of Columbia included the folowing, selected at random to indicate prices in various neighborhoods.


Benton Street Limited Parthnership sold a condo unit at 4004 Beecher St. for $41,950 to Beth A. Ross.

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Nonberg sold a dwelling at 1606B Beekman Pl. for $122,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Jay Moskowitz.

1855 Calvert Street Partnership sold a dwelling at 1855 Calvert St. for $62,500 to Michael O'Farrell.

Gerogetown Development Limited Partnership sold a unit at 3222 Cherry Hill La. for $109,0000 to James M. B. Keyser and Deborah M. Doyle.

M. M. Welker sold a home at 3100 Connecticut Ave. for $74,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Cunningham.

Wiltshire Associates sold a condo dwelling at 3701 Connecticut Ave. for $58,900 to Arthur W. Siebens and Linda J. LaScola.

Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Ward sold a unit at 4600 Connecticut Ave. for $47,700 to Celine M. Ng and Irene Lee-Yim Ok.

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Charter sold a dwelling at 4701 Connecticut Ave. for $117,000 to James L. Lacy and Robin Sherman.

Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Fletcher sold a home at 4301 Massachusetts Ave. for $155,000 to Fernando Casillas and Mireille M. Holmes.

Webster House Limited Partnership sold an apartment unit at 1718 P St. for $50,900 to Garbo Afarian.

Papermill Associates Limited Partnership sld a dwelling at 1030 Papermill Ct. for $106,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Elton S. Bowers.

R. H. Kressin sold a dwelling at 2500 Q St. for $72,500 to Joseph C. Goulden.

Alternative Development Inc. sold a dwelling at 1800 R St. for $82,500 to David E., Alan H. and Marta O. Kaplan.

Grasslands Inc. sold a dwelling at 3201A Sutton Pl. for $104,500 to Mary F. Stefano.

1822 T Street general Partnership sold a dwelling at 1822 T St. for $56,950 to Grenda F. McLean.

D. Clark & Associates sold a dwelling at 1325 13th St. for $63,495 to Philomena and Ralph Mastantuono.


N. W. Lutkefedder and others sold a condo at 731 Delaware Ave. for $100,000 to David H. Davis.

Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Lapidus sold a dwelling at 44 G St. for $105,300 to C. Keith Conners and Karen C. Wells.

J. A. Scissum sold a unit at 700 7th St. for $74,500 to Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Mericle.


Stanton Manor Limited Partnership sold a dwelling at 644 Massachusetts Ave. for $64,500 to Robert A. Miller and Roberta A. McKenry.

Davmar Associates sold a dwelling at 18 9th St. for $62,000 to Albert E. Cowdrey.


T. G. McGarry sold a dwelling at 311 4th St. for $75,700 to Jenise A. Johnson.

J. Williams sold a dwelling at 2106 38th St. for $25,192 to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Hart.