Recent home sales in Alexandria included the following, selected at random to indicate values in various neighborhoods.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Foran Fr. sold a home at 7 W. Alexandria Ave. for $85,000 to Mrs. and Mrs. Ronald E. White.

Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Mallon Jr. sold a house at 217 Aspen St. for $57,900 to Harry E. Haskins.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Derk sold a house at 414 Bellefonte Ave. for $47, 000 to Mr. And Mrs. David A. Stegman.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lusby sold a dwelling at 17 E. Chapman St. for $30,000 to Nina L. Dombrowsky.

Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Schraidt sold a residence at 51 Cockrell Ave. for $125,000 to Mr. and Mrs. W. Douglas Foran Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Stilwell sold a home at 512 E. Custis Ave. for $60,000 to Mr. and Mrs. John M. Dubuc.

L. C. Grimm sold a home at 1440 N. Gillard St. for $160,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Park.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Kurtz sold a home at 106 Prommander Walk for $159,000 to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Klousia.

M. L. Von Braun sold a house at 816 Vicar La. for $235,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Bellino.