The District has established new testing and application procedures for prospective real estate brokers and agents. The procedures are expected to speed up the licensing process and cut down on administrative work for the city.

The city now permits applications to take realty exams by applying directly to the Educational Testing Service in Princeton, N.J., without waiting for the District to process their license applications. In addition, requirements for police reports on the applicants and letter verifying employment have been dropped.

The D.C. Department of Licenses, Investigations, and Inspections anticipates that its real estate license work load will be substantially reduced, since about 55 percent of those taking the exam fail. Applicants, who currently wait from eight to 13 weeks to be tested, may now take the exam in as little as three weeks.

Applications will also be able to obtain a six-month temporary sales agent's license in as little as 14 days. During the six-month period the applicant must pass the realty exam or the license will be automatically revolked. The District is the only local jurisdiction that permits agents to be licensed prior to testing.

Under the District's real estate law, which was written in 1937, applicants have been required to post bonds, obtain police reports, provide letters from past employers, secure credit reports and obtain the signatures of two city property owners. Prospective agents must also have the signature of a broker currently licensed in the District.

Now, instead of police report, applicants will be required to submit an affidavit that they have not been convicted of a felony during the past five years. Job verification letters will no longer be required because the license application, which contains an employment history, is itself an affidavid.

The next deadline for test applications is September 4 for the September 22 exam. Applications are available from ETS, Real Estate Licensing Program, Princeton, N.J., 08541 or from the Real Estate Commission at 614 H St. NW.